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A spoiled vacation

Talk about a spoiled trip. She since admitted that she does not even know why she was so defiant, confrontational and plainly speaking bitchy for the entire two weeks.

Just before we left, she had a sudden insight of just what it was she was doing over the past two weeks. But at this point of course it was just a little too late.

She was informed the next day that she would go to bed with a very sore bottom. Knowing that she fully deserved it she just nodded solemnly and made us lunch. After lunch we played a board game, to let the food settle so she would not get nauseous during her beating.

After the game I said to her, \"It is time that you faced the consequences of your actions.\" Always a bit of a smart cookie my sweetheart gave a weak smile and pointed out that it was not really actions. So we settled on calling it bad behavior instead.

- Do you mind if I make myself pretty for you first?

I did not have a problem with it and waited while she epilated and then put on a corset, stockings and high heels. With her midsection already bared I asked if she was ready. She nodded. Sitting on the sofa I ordered

- Stand before me.

Knowing my preferences, she first turned around a full circle so I could view her beautiful body from both sides. Then she waited. I pointed out that she already knew the charges, that she had admitted her guilt and that she herself had said her behavior was \"unforgivable\".

- Is there anything else you would like to say?

She shook her head.

- Well, I do not agree that your behavior was unforgivable. But you know the price for my forgiveness. Your behavior however, was inexcusable, so the beating you will get today will be very memorable.

Solemnly she nodded.
I motioned for her to get on my lap. She misinterpreted and was about to turn herself over it.

- I actually meant for you to sit on my lap for the sentencing.

Sitting on my lap with her arms around my neck she waited.

- I want this to be as memorable for you as the time when you failed your course at university (she looked a bit anxious as the memory of that day came back to her). So like then you will feel 60 lashes with the pipe (a whip made out of a very thick and heavy, hard rubber conveyer belt called this way due to a piece of aluminum pipe that serves as a handle).

She actually went very quiet when she heard the sentence. Talking to her after the punishment she admitted that while she was not terrified by the sentence she was a bit worried, since she knew that even just a quarter of the lashes she would consider a severe punishment. She knew that this would be more than she could take, but of course she also knew that there was no choice she would have to take whatever I decided to make her feel, regardless of whether she thought she couldor not. However, the thing she was worried about the most was waking up the entire neighborhood with her screaming.

- Get up! Get me the pipe!

She opened the cabinet and started searching.

- It\'s at the bottom.

A very convenient location as it turned out when she bent over to reach for it. Without a word she handed me the whip. I stood up and she waited.

- Bend over, put your hands on the sofa!

She obeyed. And for the first time in many months the pipe bit into her tender flesh. This tool is used only when I am really angry with her. There was a gasp as the intense pain registered just a split second later. I enjoyed it already, and I could tell that she was not going to enjoy this at all, as it should be. One more lash, and a third one. With another gasp and fighting back tears she straightened up. I would get tears today! This prospect even made me forgive her for not holding her position.

- Bend over!

As soon as she obeyed again she felt the next lash and the next one. Her ass turned crimson, but so far the bruises did not show. Nevertheless, as she admitted after that already at this point she felt very miserable. 60 lashes would be a real challenge for her and would definitely break her tolerance limits. She struggled to hold her position. Especially after one of the lashes was a bit low, immediately putting a bruise on her upper thigh she all but jumped up. The other thing I noticed was that the corset made it increasingly difficult for her to breath. I had expected that to happen.

- We will finish the first dozen, then you can take it off.

Still fighting back the tears she apologized as she unlaced the corset.

- I really wanted to look pretty for you.
- You always look pretty to me. Bend over again!

As she bent over again I quickly inspect her sweet bottom. It looked quite purple and I could see the first signs of bruising. I enjoyed as her now bared breasts dangled down when she bent over again. I started the next dozen and this time counted them out loud for her. Before long she started to cry and some dark, purple bruises started covering her sexy cheeks. Her body gave in. This too was expected. Her legs started shaking, frustrating her. But I knew it would happen so I offered.

- Hold on until this dozen is done too and we will change your position sweety.

Now kneeling on the sofa and leaning against the back my beloved wife was crying even before I started the next set. I pitied her, of course, but I also knew she richly deserved this beating. She still had 36 to go! And her cute ass was quite bruised already.

- This time you count them out for me please!
- 1, Master ... 2, Master ...

In between sobbing and weeping she survived her third set, but was crying profusely by the end of it. The very pronounced, deep purple bruises left no doubt that she was suffering greatly. But she deserved it!
I started the next set, second to last. And I knew her limits were broken, these last two sets would be real punishment for her. Her poor behind looked like a battlefield and I could only imagine just how much this must have hurt her and how much she must have been suffering. But remembering the botched vacation I made sure the next set was extra hard while she had to count again. She struggled to stay and receive her lashes. She tried squeezing her buttocks and tried to regulate her breathing in an futile attempt to make the whipping more bearable for her. Tears were flowing freely. I saw her clench her fists and heard her weep. About halfway through the set she pulled up her leg and at first did not lower it again. Just in time, meaning before I had to order her to do so which would earn her additional lashes she very reluctantly lowered her leg again allowing me to continue whipping her. She later admitted that she was about to beg to be spared the last set. But she felt too much remorse for what she had done and took her last set heroically even though she REALLY would have preferred not to feel any more.

In lieu of corner time she must hold her position after a beating for me to commemorate the event with some pictures. Since she was still crying and since this is a very rare event I asked her to look over her shoulder for a picture of her tortured ass and her weeping face.

Telling her to get over my lap, for me to caress her, not for another beating, in inspected the damage. Her poor ass was all bruised and swollen, which was very gratifying for me. I was certain she would not easily forget this beating.

- Don\'t forget to thank me!
- Thank you Master for beating me.
- Then I forgive you.
- So you are really not angry with me anymore?

This question seems to be part of her standard routine and she knew the answer already. Gently rubbing her swollen bottom and taking a close look at my handiwork, tracing some of the bruises with my fingers I gave the standard answer... after all she knew if I were still angry with her I would still be beating her.

- I\'m not angry with you anymore.
- But this was the first time in 8 years that we visited your home and I destroyed it for you.
- And I punished you for it. And it looks like I did a very good job of it.

The hugs and kisses that always follow a punishment are amongst the most passionate ones we experience in the relationship and always prove to be a highlight for both spanker and spankee. It is good to have the option to solve our problems this way... and I pity the couples who have to do without this time honored, proven and very sexy and erotic method because of some - in my opinion rather perverted - sentiments of a marriage having to be a partnership of equals with equal power... And then they are surprised when it all falls apart around them 2 years later.
Qui bene amat, bene castigat.

Do not forget, I write fantasy novels. For more information visit me on my site on Facebook, Fantasy Words.

Unfortunately the published works so far do not feature any spanking, but you will be the first to know once I have something more interesting available.
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