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The Demon Drink

I was totally unaware of this aspect of my sexuality until late 2006.

I have been married for 8 years now, and although my husband is a kind and caring man, the physical side of our relationship came to a halt shortly fater he was attacked on his way home from work one night. He lost all of his confidence and masculinity, and despite my pleading, has refused to seek any help for his problem. As a result, my sex life disappeared, and I began to wonder if it was time to move on. Then, in August 2006, I got a message through friends reunited from an old schoolfriend.

She had contacted me to let me know about a school reunion, and after much chatting and reminiscing, we organised for me to travel up to the reunion, and stay over with her at her father's house (she still lives with him).

The reunion was a bit of a let down, with far fewer people there than expected, so my friend and I passed the time by getting more and more drunk, and having fun at the expense of our rather dull former classmates. When the time came to leave, I was drunker than I have been in a long time, and my friend was barely able to stand!!

A short taxi drive later we were back at her house, and after dragging her up to her bed, I found myself sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee with her father. The conversation was as coherent as it's possible to be when one of the participants is the worse for drink, but it seemed to me that he was struggling to be polite, so with the courage lent to me by numerous glasses of wine, I asked him if he had a problem with me. After a few polite denials, he finally opened up and told me what he thought of me. It seems that he had always considered me as a bad influence on his daughter, right from when we were both 11 years old, and that he had tried several times to stop her from seeing me, but his ex wife had always prevented him from saying anything. He had hoped that things would have changed by now, but after seeing his daughter incapacitated through drink, he could see that I was still the same negative influence that I had always been.

To say I was surprised by all of this would be the understatement of the decade. Whilst his daughter and I had certainly enjoyed our teenage years, we were never truly bad, and I had been given no indication that her parents thought anything bad about me. I asked him what I had ever done to make him so obviously annoyed, and he then went on to catalogue a huge list of "offences" including coming home late, drinking, smoking (a brief experiment that I had no idea anyone knew about), encouraging her to wear "slutty" clothes, and generally having a bad attitude. I was still taking all of this in when he said something that has now changed my life. "You have no idea how many times she got her backside tanned because of your influence. It's just a shame that there was no-one at home to teach you the same lesson"

Not once in my entire life had I ever spent a moment thinking about being spanked, but now all I could think about was my friend with her bottom in the air with her Dad smacking away. People talk about "road to damascus" experiences, and suddenly I knew what they meant. I had never been so totally and completely turned on by just an idea. After a brief silence, during which I could feel the heat of the blood rushing to my face, I blurted out a question... "how did you spank her?"

He seemed a little thrown by my question and just sat there open-mouthed, so I carried on. "was it on her bare bottom?" He finally answered and told me that yes, it was always on her bare bottom, as that was the only way to get the point across.

The redness in my face must have given him an idea that this was having some effect on me, and after another awkward silence he asked me "when was the last time you were spanked Becky?". I answered that I had never been spanked (I never knew my father, and my mother seemed to think I was a little angel, despite evidence to the contrary). He nodded his head in a way that said he wasn't surprised and said "maybe I should have done it myself; it might have taught you a lesson"

Any woman will tell you that we immediately know when a man is mentally undressing us, and as I looked at him, I could see that he was looking at me in a way that wasn't even slightly fatherly. His eyes were wandering all over my body, and we sat there for at least two minutes as he took in every detail. Finally I summoned up more courage and asked him "do you think I'm too old to be spanked now?" "No, I don't" he replied. I sat for a moment and tried to decide if this was just the drink talking or if I really wanted it to happen. Finally I decided. "Ok, will you spank me please?"

I imagine that 55 year old men don't often get propositioned by women the same age as their daughter, so his reaction was perhaps understandable; he thought I was making fun of him. He ranted about how this was exactly the sort of thing he meant, how I should be ashamed of myself and how he would tell his daughter I wasn't welcome here anymore. Finally, he stopped his diatribe and I responded. "I'm not kidding, and I'm not making fun of you. I want to find out what it's like to be spanked. Will you spank me please?" At this point I decided that it was all or nothing, and as I finshed the last word of my plea, I stood up from the stool I was perched on and raised my dress far enough to show the pattern on my stocking tops. He stared at this display for a minute or so, then finally said "If you're serious, come through into the living room, but if this is some sort of joke Becky, you'd better call a taxi now, because you won't be sleeping here tonight" He walked out of the kitchen into the living room, and after a moment of hesitation, I went through to see him sitting on the sofa. "Do I go over your lap?" I asked. He nodded yes, and I obediently stretched myself across his knees. I felt his hand resting on the small of his back as he said "I don't know exactly what you want Becky, so just say stop whenever you decide you've had enough" I mumbled ok, and a few seconds later I felt the first soft slap over my dress. It was as if all of the alcohol had vanished from my system, because suddenly I felt clear-headed, and absolutely convinced that this was exactly what I wanted. He gave me about half a dozen light slaps, and then said "is that the sort of thing you want?" "More, much more" was all I could think to say. Another six slaps followed, this time a little harder, followed by the question "more?". I simply nodded and he continued. This happened another three times, each a little firmer than the last and I had started to feel that warm tingling that is so familiar to me now. There was a brief pause as he ran his hand all over my bottom through my dress, then he finally said "if you really want to feel it, the only way is to lift this up. Do you want that?" Again, I just said yes, and I felt the tingle of excitement as he lifted my dress to reveal my lacy short shorts. After another brief pause, he started again. Another six, and this time noticably firmer, followed by a "more?" question and another six. When he again pause, I pre-empted his question by saying "you don't have to ask me; I know what to say if I've had enough." This time he just carried on. I lost count of how many slaps it was, but each one was harder than the last, and soon a delicious heat was spreading all over me. When he finally paused and I felt his figers tracing the outline of my knickers against my bottom, I couldn't help myself. "Pull them down please, do it properly".

If anything, it was that exact moment that changed the course of my life, and set me on a path of infidelity and adventure. This 55 year old man, who I barely remembered from 20 years previously, pulled down my knickers and spanked me to tears. The sensation and sexual release was incredible. It was lucky that my friend had drunk herself into a stupor, because if she had been anything but semi-comatose, she would surely have heard the sound coming from downstairs, and things would probably have worked out very differently. As it was, he continued without pausing until he finally decided I had had enough.

I'm not sure what the rules of this site are regarding sexual content, so I will moderate what I write, but suffice to say that as soon as I became aware of his erection, I made sure that the evening reached it's inevitable conclusion.

I have met him again 3 times since then, and through the internet, I have discovered that there are many other people who will help me to get what I now know I need.

That was my first ever experience, but definitely not my last.

Thank you for reading.

Becky xxx
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What a marvelously heartwarming, yet poignant, account, Becky! I'm so glad you were able to finally discover this important aspect of your sexuality. I also think you were quite fortunate to have made the discovery with a man who (for whatever reasons) was considerate enough to let you guide the sequence of events. I can only hope that his initial low opinion of your character has improved by now. Best wishes to you as you continue the process of discovering yourself and the joys that life may hold for you.
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Your journey

I'm not sure if you are still a member here but i would like to congratulate you on a very well written account of your first spanking I very nearly felt envious of the father involved. I can't imagine he will ever forget the experience and you can rest assured his memories will keep him very warm x
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