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Old 06-10-2009, 09:27 AM
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Early Memories

I can remember as a kid playing games with my older sister, quite often they ended up being a little rude, maybe showing our privates to eachi other.
One game was when players Schools, my Sister took the lead in most games and wanted me as the Headmaster to spank her. She lay across my lap still in her School Uniform and I started to smack her bottom, not to hard mind. It actually felt really good, my sister was very attractive and had a great shaped body. Sarah encouraged me to pull her skirt up and to smack her over her knickers. I can remember feeling excited at the sight of her bottom covered only with her knickers. This time it went no futher but a couple of days later, we played the same game again. This time Sarah knelt on all fours and put her bottom up in the air. I again pulled her skirt up and started to spank her. Sarah looked over her shoulder and told me to pull her panties down. I hesitated a bit, but grabbed the wasitband and yanked them down to her knees. My eyes popped out as not only I could see her bare ass, but could see her pussy poking out between her legs and her arsehole.
I spanked her again about a dozen times, I accidently brushed by fingers against her slit which felt very wet indeed.
I don't know who was enjoying this the most?
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Old 06-11-2009, 09:03 AM
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I played spanking games too when I was in my teens.
I can remember when my friend Jenny and I were hanging around with these boy who were a couple of years older than us. We wanted to join their gang, they were not keen at first but eventually let us in on the understanding that if we fell out of line we had to be disciplined.
I can't even remember what we did now but I can remember we were told that we had to be spanked on our bare asses! We were both shocked at first. We had to bend over a falled tree in the woods. We undid our jeans then the boys pulled our jeans and knickers down. They ten took turns in spanking our bottoms until they were bright red. We were then made to turn around with our hands on our heads with our jeans and knickers still down around our ankles. The boys would then examine our privates parts.
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Old 01-10-2011, 04:21 PM
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The games I played were with my cousins, two girls and a boy. The boy was oldest, then me, then his two sisters. We played 'house' or 'family' and there were always alot of play spankings. As my boy cousin was the oldest, he made the rules, and we three girls got the spankings. Some of them were on our bare bottoms but they weren't very hard, because I think he was afraid his sisters would 'tell on him.' As for me, I would never have told!

We also played hide and seek and other games, with the losers getting spanked. Again, as my boy cousin was the oldest (and fastest) he never lost. When his sisters weren't present and he and I were alone, he would also do other things like having me 'confess' my sins, because he knew that at that stage in my life I was very afraid of sin in the religious sense. Then I had to ask him to drive out my devils by spanking me, and I would have to take down my jeans and turn over his lap so he could do it.

These spankings weren't at all severe and were really just play, even though a number of them were on our bare bottoms. I liked my cousin a lot, so I viewed his spankings as attention and a sign of his affection for me. This probably was what imprinted me with my early mindset that if a boy really liked you, he would show it by spanking you on your bare bottom!
Discipline in the woodshed
Sex education in the hayloft

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