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A true account

What happened here is a true experience.

It was a great place to stop and refuel, take shower and eat a good meal. Its actual name is irrelevant but we all called it the 'miniskirt junction' as all the pretty young waitresses would wear very short mini skirts. All they had to do was bend over slightly and you can see panties that's how short they were. They made lots of tips and the place was always packed.

Things change however. The original owner was getting old and tired and when his wife died he just lost interest and sold the place. A foreign married couple bought it and the first thing they did was fire the cook as they thought he made to much money for a short order cook.

The food went down hill from there and truck drivers were starting to crumble about the crummy food and the escalating prices. Before long every driver was complaining and started either by passing the place or just stopping there for fuel and a shower. Most they would get there was a cup of coffee for 25 cents. The new owners didn't care as the place was making money on fuel but the pretty young waitresses started leaving because they weren't make any money on tips anymore.

The new owners still required the waitresses to wears short skirts but the new recruits were getting older and more in need of a job so they put up with the lack of business and the lack of good tips and accepted the measly hourly rate.

I was in my twenties and still went in there as all I eat anyway was bacon and eggs and any cook, good or bad, can still cook an egg. There was an older waitress and her younger sister started working there and while both were older, they were about twice my age, they still had a nice figure and both had nice, fully round bubble butts that they loved to flaunt. For instance. while I sat there they would always pick a table directly across from me and bend over to wipe that table off giving me a nice long look of their panty covered bottoms. While they were a little small up top both had full rounded bottoms and nicely figured legs.

While always a good tipper I started leaving great big tips for them. For a $7 dollar meal I would leave a $20 dollar bill and tell them to keep the change. They appreciated it and would position themselves so I could give them a nice solid smack to their bottoms. Their skirts were made from pretty thin material and since they only wore thin cotton panties underneath I could always feel how soft those full rounded mature bottom cheeks were. After a smack they would sometimes giggle and say, "Thank you sir" and walk away. My eyes firmly glued on her freshly spanked bum wiggling seductively under her miniskirt.

Things got worse and worse there and they really appreciated me coming in almost everyday to help them out. On several occasions I would be getting up from the booth I was sitting at, telling her to keep the change and she would immediately bend fully across the table to pick up the money and wait like that until I gave her bottom a good rub and then a quick spank. Again, "Thank you sir" followed by a little giggle.

Things got even better when the older sister sat down and told me that she had car problems. She knew I was a truck driver and assumed I knew something about cars and engines and after describing what happened I told her she had blown the engine. She was in denial as she went on and on about how it couldn't be blown but I told her the symptoms of a blown engine. She got really depressed after I told her and added that this could have been avoided and what she really needed was a good spanking. She nodded her head and said, "I know"

It felt really erotic telling a woman that was at least twice my age that she needed a good spanking and it felt even more arousing after she said,

"Do you like have a paddle or something out in the truck, or" hesitating slightly, "Are you going to use a paddle?"

I said, "No, I don't have a paddle."

She smiled slightly feeling a bit relieved adding, "That's good because I've never been paddled before."

"Will you help us out after?"


"Our pants up or down?"

To be continued.

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