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Post Me and My Big Mouth

My wife met me at the door, kissed me hello, and cheerfully said, “Welcome to Friday! Why don’t you go change into your comfy clothes and I’ll get us some wine, cheese, and crackers. “

Happily, I headed into the bedroom. There were two things on the bed that made me view the evening ahead differently; my blue underwear, which she referred to as ‘spanking panties’, and her black paddle. Obviously the kids are gone for the night and I was getting punished.

While my mood shifted to a mix of excitement and trepidation, I started thinking about what I had done this week as I put on the undies, sweatpants, and a t-shirt and headed downstairs. She was in the kitchen when I walked in and said, “I’m sorry for whatever…“ She put her hand up and I immediately stopped. “Shush. Don’t ruin our cocktail hour. We’re going to drink wine, eat cheese and crackers, and talk about our day and upcoming trip. When we’re all done talking, I’m going to paddle your bottom so long and hard that you won’t sit for a week. Now sit down and enjoy yourself, while you still can.”

I sat and we talked, though my thoughts would wander to what was ahead. She loves it when I worry about what will happen, even more than administering the spanking itself. Before long our wine glasses were empty and the cheese and crackers were gone. She looked over and said, “OK, you can get the dishes later ... right now it’s time to blister someone’s fanny because the other day he said I never spank long enough or hard enough and we’re going to correct that.” She gave me her devilish smile, and said, “and guess what? I’ve had just enough wine to not care whether it hurts!” I often regret my big mouth and the things I say when I feel safe and know I’m not gonna get spanked.

On the way to the bedroom, she explained, “When we get in there you’re going to ask me very nicely to give you a very long spanking, and I will. You’re going to get 50 very hard whacks and then you’re going to ask me to spank you longer, and you’ll get another 50. This will be repeated until I’ve convinced you that I can spank ‘long’ enough.

When we're done with that, you’ll ask me very nicely to spank you harder. You’ll get more sets of 50 that will be harder than you’ve felt in a long time until I’ve convinced you that I can spank you ‘hard’ enough!” She sounded much too enthusiastic about that part. “You’re going to keep asking me for harder until you’re begging me to stop, or I just get tired. I’m really looking forward to clearing this issue up and getting it behind us, aren’t you?”
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