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Old 06-12-2007, 08:03 AM
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school spankings

enjoy reading about spankings down at the old school, i attended school in the fifties and sixties, so yes i've seen alot of male & female bottom's get a meeting of the board from mostly women teacher's. it's kinda funning though! boy's always seem to get twice as many swat's as the girls for the same offence. i guess they thought boy's were supposed to have tougher butt's than girl's? but from what i saw that wasn't the case. i remember one case in particular, back in junior high sandy cane back about an hour late from lunch, miss patterson was furious ! she had sandy come to her desk and bend over with her butt facing the class, miss patterson took aim at sandy's poor bottom with a wooden paddle that sounded like a pistol shot each time the paddle made contact with sandy's rear-end poor sandy was really in distress after about the second swat, i think seh got around ten or twelve hard swat's by the time the spanking ended seh was nursing two very hot cheek's. i was on my way to becoming a spanko from that very day, al the best wowbutts
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Old 06-12-2007, 02:36 PM
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My interest started in high school. Students weren't spanked in my district, but, it was allowed by state law. One of my shop teachers told a girl he might spank her. Sadly, it never happened. I just remember being a freshman in high school and seeing all the girls in a brand new way when I'd walk behind them. Instead of thinking about pulling their hair, I was thinking about swatting their bottoms. I was never brave enough to do either, but, now I wonder how many would have welcomed it since I've met so many people either interested or curious about spanking. Oh, to go back in time and actually try some things.
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Old 06-12-2007, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Batman View Post
My interest started in high school. Students weren't spanked in my district, but, it was allowed by state law. One of my shop teachers told a girl he might spank her. Sadly, it never happened. I just remember being a freshman in high school and seeing all the girls in a brand new way when I'd walk behind them. Instead of thinking about pulling their hair, I was thinking about swatting their bottoms. I was never brave enough to do either, but, now I wonder how many would have welcomed it since I've met so many people either interested or curious about spanking. Oh, to go back in time and actually try some things.
In high school I took a series a vocational classes starting my freshman year. In this particular subject there were about six classes total that one could take, all taught by the same teacher. The majority of students in these classes were guys. This particular teacher kept a paddle on top of a cabinet behind his desk. He was not shy about using the paddle by any means and when he did give licks it was always in front of the class. As far as I can remember most of the paddlings were not for anything serious and were almost kinda tongue-in-check in the manner that they were given. Even though the tone was never serious, the swats never lacked intensity. Now in my senior year I had two classes back to back with this teacher 1st and 2nd period. All the previous classes I had been in had been all male. The first day of school I was in class early and there were a couple of girls in the room when I came in. It was not unusual to find girl friends hanging out with there boy friends in the room before the day got started, so I didn't think much about it. After the first bell rang and the girls were still in the room, I finally figured out that they were taking the class......Now having the mathematical mind that I have, it didn't take me long to realize that:

VERY CUTE junior and senior girls (at least one being a cheerleader) + a teacher that seemed to get a big kick out of giving paddlings in front of the entire class = a potentially VERY INTERESTING year.

As you can imagine this set of circumstances had me looking forward to this class period every day. One of the girls did have a reputation for finding herself in trouble and had visited the assistant principal on more than one occasion in her high school career. So I was sure that I would be seeing her bent over the desk at the front of the room, at least once before the year was out. To my disappointment, however, this never came to pass. There were a few times that the teacher was kinda messing around and threatened to paddle her, but it never happened. Her response to his threats was always a bit flirty and coy, as if she might have gotten a kick out of being paddled in front of all the guys in class. least one confirmed spanko teacher and a cheerleader, that at the very least, seemed intrigued about spanking.......I too never had the courage to swat any of those very spankable bottoms during my high school years and now, looking back I realize there had to have been at least some that would have welcomed a firm swat to the bottom. Batman.......I guess what they say is true......"Youth is wasted on the young"
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Old 03-22-2010, 09:54 AM
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I was also an office assistant in 7th grade and did the exact things you said. Are you from NE Texas

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Old 09-06-2010, 12:18 PM
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I was raised by my grandmother, who spanked hard and often as punishment, and that was definitely NOT fun. But also as a kid I played 'house' or 'family' with my cousins where play-spankings were given, and I received a number of spankings from my boy cousin, who was two years older than me. He often did it on my bare bottom (his sisters too) but he didn't do it hard, and I enjoyed it. Soon I was seeking out situations in which he would spank me again (and he did). This wasn't erotic as much as it was simply attention from a boy I liked a lot, and at this stage of my life I was starved for attention and affection. Thus I began to see spankings, from a male peer at least, as a show of affection. While I did also spank my girl cousins, who were younger, that never seemed as 'natural' or as satisfying as getting spanked by their brother.

As I approached the age of twelve I became aware that spankings, especially hard ones from my grandmother, were making my bottom tingle very pleasantly--afterward, not during. I began spanking myself to try and obtain this feeling, which of course was erotic, although I could not have understood that at the time. I also became aware that if I liked a boy, I would try to imagine what it would be like to have him spank me, because I viewed this as a sign of affection. Eventually, in my high school relationships, a couple of boys actually DID spank me. However, I did not find these at all erotically satisfying at the time, or even very affectionate, but I guess THIS WAS the true beginning for me.

Unlike some others in this thread, I was never spanked in school, as it was not allowed there. On one occasion, however, I was involved in an incident of bad behavior (actually guilt by association) and my grandmother was told, and I received a rather severe spanking at home from her, as punishment for my school infraction.
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Old 11-04-2011, 08:16 PM
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I got turned on by spanking with the Chase & Sanborn Coffee ad that appeared in the August 17, 1952 edition of Life Magazine. I had never witnessed a woman being spanked by a man since I always thought that spanking was for children. What excited me about the ad was not only was a woman being spanked by a man OTK, but her skirt had been raised revealing a portion of her slip and it looked like the man who was her husband was spanking her on her exposed slip with his open hand. Since that time I am aroused by the sight of a woman being spanked OTK by a man on her slip covered bottom. To me a slip is the sexist item in a woman's wardrobe and being spanked on her slip is one sexy sight!
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Old 11-06-2011, 01:46 PM
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When I was in the fourth grade. I had a female teacher who spanked me more than I got spanked from everyone else my entire youth. Including my mother. This teacher was single. Also had a new young female teacher right out of college across the hall.
One day. A girl sitting next to me pulled something. Telling me to make her hands touch her desk. I simply moved the books from under her hands. Sat there wondering what this was all about? Then the girl went to the teacher. Teacher told me to go to the bathroom. I knew what that meant. Didn't make the slightest little bit of sense? I then knew she just wanted to spank me... period. She had to like spanking me. That is all this was about.
My teacher came to the bathroom and told me to wait. She then walked across the hall. I got all kinds of excited. This beautiful, sweet, young teacher was going to watch me get spanked. She was going to watch me completely submissive. My naked heart crying in front of her. I then wanted to pull my pants down and be naked in front of her. I thought, no that wouldn't work. I waited. They both came back. I then couldn't help myself. I started to pull my pants down. I wanted to bear myself completely naked before her in everyway possible. My teacher stopped me. Darn her. Then, with me bent over. My teacher spanked me until I cried uncontrollably. After she said I could get up. I could see the young teacher crying with me. I could see she felt so sorry for me. All I wanted to do was be naked with them. Bear myself completely submissive. I wanted to get under the young teachers dress with nothing between me and her. I wanted that with my mean teacher also. But not nearly as much as the young teacher. I'm sure I actually got an erection. Didn't really know at that age. Maybe the erection thing was why my teacher enjoyed spanking me so much? I know when I turned around, the young teacher changed from sorrow for me to completely excited. Oh how I wanted to be naked with her. Submit to anything she wanted. From that time on I fantacised about being spanked by the young teacher. Thought of going to her and telling her my teacher sent me to her for a bare bottom spanking. I wanted to stick my face up her naked bottom while my teacher spanked me. I wanted to be spanked by one woman while another watched.
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Old 03-27-2013, 12:39 PM
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When I was in elementary school, a girl I knew (Betty) was called to the front of the room for talking while the teacher was talking. The teacher made her face the blackboard so that her backside was viewable by the class. As she stood there, the teacher raised her skirt with one hand and spanked her bottom with the other hand. I was surprised. After that, I began to think about what it would be like if I had a chance to spank a girl's rear end. The opportunity did not come for many years. But eventually, I found women who let me spank them and they enjoyed the event. The number of women who like to be spanked is not very large, but these women do exist and I love to find them. If you are this type of female and live nearby (East Windsor NJ), send me a message. Have fun. nerdyguy609
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