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Scammed At New Years Party

There were 4 couples waiting for the midnight celebration to begin. The men kept teasing the women that we would get "New Years Spankings" from them shortly after midnight.

To kill time we played some board and card games. We also imbibed in wine and vodka. The guys wanted us women to play strip poker, but we balked at stripping all the way. They made up a version where the loser of a hand had to remove an article which would be designated by the hand's winner. The thing was we would only have to remove 2 articles....then for each loss after that, take paddle whacks from the winner. This sounded reasonable enough. The biggest loser for the entire game would get spanked by each member of the opposite sex as punishment for losing.

Everyone started with bare feet and 4 basic articles of clothing. My sister lost the first hand and was told by the winner to take off her top. I was the loser of the 3rd hand and the dirty trick the guys had in mind began to unfold. They targeted me for the scam. I was told to take off my bra. I protested that I couldn't. They all insisted that it was within the rules. I was coerced into removing my top AND bra !!!! None of the other gals were subjected to this twist of the rules.

It gets worse. My next loss I was commanded to remove my panties. Again they all insisted and I took off my jeans and panties. Now I was playing naked and no other gal was worse off than being in panties and bra. I lost several more hands before the game ended and received spankings and paddlings since I had nothing to remove.

I was not allowed any clothing as we waited for midnight. After we toasted the new year, I had to take spankings from each guy with an implement of his choice in a position of his choice. They wore out my butt !!! I finally got my clothes back after my red bottom began to fade color.
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