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"Pants down" I said.

She was sitting across from me in the booth a little nervous sometimes avoiding my gaze looking away towards the counter.

She said a little exasperated.

"Oh, bare butt than?" "Are you going to pull them down or should I wear pants at all?"

"Don't you think you deserve it on your bare bottom?" "Replacement engines are expensive."

When I referred to it as "her bare Bottom" I could tell she was embarrassed as her cheeks were blushed.

"Yea, I guess you're right."

By that time her younger sister had overheard enough of our conversation and after taking care of another customer who was sitting at the far end of the counter drinking a cup of coffee and reading a newspaper , she finished refilling his coffee cup and walked over to stand next to me leaning over and whispered,

"Are you going to paddle me?"

You have to visualize these skirts the wore. The were so short that barely covered their panties and offered a nice view of their legs about the length of a college cheerleader's skirt.. While both were considered middle aged women they both had nice shape legs, not like a younger twenty something aged girl would have but a little bit of thicker that you would expect form a women her age. Her skin showed her age somewhat not to bad not like her face that showed a lot more signs of her age. But that's all you saw was legs sticking out from under these tiny skirts.

Her older sister interrupted saying in a hushed voice,

"No, no, no, he's just going to spank us."

"Oh big difference." "I don't know why I'm getting paddled it was you who blew up the car." She said a little louder.

They were sisters who lived together renting a trailer at a park so they were always at each other's throats.

Her sister yelled out, "Keep your voice down" and "No I didn't"

"Yes you did."

Now they were screaming at each other.

I said, "You're both to blame."

She smirked and walked away.

The older sister started to get up saying she needed to call the garage and tell them to start working on the car. Saying, "Are you going to do it now or tomorrow or do you want to wait until the car is finished?"

"Next time I come in." "How's that."

She said, "Okay, that's fine." "I'll tell my sister."

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