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"If that is the case then, I guess we both need to be punished somehow. Any thoughts on what it should be?" I asked.

She thought about it for a couple of minutes before replying to my question.

"Back when I was younger, til after high school, if I did something bad I got spanked. When I moved away from home, I tried to continue with it but it never worked out like I wanted."

"Then I guess that is what we shall do then. We each get spanked by the other one. Since I am the one who started all this, I guess I have to go first." I said getting up from my chair. I came around to her and then spoke again. "How should we do this?"

"I guess bend over the desk." She smiled at me sheepishly as she responded.

I did as she said. The next thing I knew a hand impacted my ass with a stinging sensation. My cock began hardening from this. She spanked me for a good hundred swats before she stopped. I was glad she did, I was having a hard time controlling my orgasm. I'd been spanked by other lovers before, but this was soooo much more exciting.

"Your turn Sandra." I said as I got up and turned to face her.

She began undoing her jeans and lowered them to the floor. I was mesmerized by the lacy red panties she was wearing. The contrast with her tanned skin was a thing of beauty. She smiled as she caught me looking. Putting her fingers in the waistband of her panties, she slowly lowered them. A small patch of black pubic hair was revealed. She then turned and went over the desk. Looking at her in that position was almost more than I could take. Her lips were completely free of hair and glistened slightly. Positioning myself I began spanking her. Her ass was soft yet firm and felt good under my hand.

As I spanked her, I could hear little moans coming from her. Her scent was getting stronger as well. Finally after a hundred or so swats I stopped.

"If I didn't know better I would say you enjoyed that." I said to her.

"I usually don't when its for punishment, but its been so long since I was spanked and I've been so horny since my boyfriend left me...Well I just couldn't help it."
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