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I was working late in my office when I just decided to stop working. Being the owner of the business I did have the authority to do so. The work wasn't due to my client for another month so I was going to take some personal time for the rest of the night.

Looking through the drawer of videos I kept in my office, I finally found an x rated video to watch. Starting the dvd, I took of my pants and sat in my office chair clad in my boxers. Watching the screen, a pair of women were seducing each other using their fingers and a vibrator on each other. My cock was getting hard, so I reached down and began playing with it to help it get to full mast. I established a rhythm to ensure I didn't shoot my load too early. I wanted to enjoy this after all. So I let my mind wander as I watched.

Apparently I was enjoying myself too much and didn't notice the door to my office opening and someone coming in. Suddenly I heard a gasp and my mind returned to the real world. Standing there on the other side of my desk was my assistant, Sandra, with her hand inside her pants. I had no idea how long she had been standing there, but obviously long enough to see what I was doing and enjoy herself a bit as well.

"I guess I'm not the only one enjoying this movie huh?" I sad as I swiveled my chair around completely.

Apparently I had broken her concentration as well since she suddenly looked at me, her eyes wide and her cheeks blushing.

"I...I...Sorry... sir. It won't... happen again" she stuttered as she removed her hand from her pants.

"Don't worry about it. I should be the one embarrassed here. I mean hell, you walked in on me masturbating. Not the other way around. Although you seem to have been caught in the act as well."

She blushed as she tried to compose herself and not look at my hard on.

"I guess so...but its been a dry spell... in my sex life... lately and well...I just couldn't help myself. If you want to fire me go ahead, I probably deserve it."

I just looked at her. She was indeed beautiful. Long raven colored hair, legs that seemed to go on forever, an ass that would not stop and nice B-cup breasts. She had been my assistant for three years and had proven to be invaluable to me. There was no way in hell I would fire her.

"I am not going to fire you Sandra." I said using her real name. "I am pretty sure we can come to an arrangement that would benefit us both." I continued as several ideas went through my mind.

"Okay. Thank you sir. But I was always told growing up that if you did something wrong, you got punished. And I think I have done something wrong."

After hearing her say this, my mind raced again. I'd always wanted Sandra and yet never thought I would have a chance of ever getting her. But this was a golden opportunity fate had given me, and I wasn't going to let it go.
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